Eco Batteries

Eco Alkalines™ are high performing batteries – both​ the ​b​attery and the ​p​ackaging are up to 98% recyclable dependent upon recycling programmes available in your country of purchase.

Unlike all other leading batteries, Eco Alkalines™ contain absolutely NO toxic heavy metals like Cadmium, Lead or Mercury and are therefore safe to go into household waste, although we recommend recycling them wherever possible. For more on responsible battery disposal, please visit (SITA Australia).

To locate your nearest recycling drop-off point please visit and simply search by your State, Suburb and/or Postcode.

Eco Alkalines™ are the first battery to receive carboNZeroCert™ certification in New Zealand and Australia. They are also the only battery to be certified by Carbonfund.organd NSF Sustainability as 100% carbon neutral in North America.