Dairy Products

We have the following Cheese available:

Barambah – Fetta and Quark.

Boosey Creek Cheese

True Organic – Gouda, Pecorino, Cheddar, Edam, Tasty.

Meredith Dairy – Goats Cheese, Chevre, Chevre with fresh dill.

Island Pure – Fetta and Haloumi

Paris Creek – Quark Cottage Cheese Swisse and German Styles.

What is Quark?

Quark is a fresh cheese of European origin.  Traditionally, it is not made with rennet, making it suitable for vegetarians.  It is made by warming soured milk until the desired degree of denaturation of milk proteins is met, and then strained.  It has a creamy texture, similar to an uncurdled cottage cheese, with a mild tangy taste.  Paris Creek Quark comes in two styles; Quark German Style is for customers who prefer a 99.8% fat free product and the Quark Swiss Style is recommended for customers who enjoy the creamy mild taste of whole milk products.

Quark is a versatile cheese to work with and can be spread on bread plain, blended with herbs and spices to make a flavoured spread, or used like cream cheese in cheesecakes.  Try it flavoured with vanilla or fruit for a healthy dessert!

We have the following Yoghurt  subject to availability:

Barambah Organics – Whole Milk Yoghurt, Bush Honey Yoghurt, Real Strawberry Yoghurt, Real Mango Yoghurt, Real Blueberry Yoghurt, Real Passionfruit Yoghurt, All Natural Yoghurt, Low Fat Natural Yoghurt, Greek Yoghurt.

Babushka – Kefir

Marrook Farm -Mild (Natural), Lemon Myrtle, Maple Vanilla, Natural Greek Style.

Alpine Goat – Natural.

Paris Creek – Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Natural, Low Fat, Bush Honey and Vanilla.

Coyo – Natural and Flavoured

We have the following Cream  when,  available:

Barambah Organics – Pure Cream, Sour Cream

Ivy Home – Pure Cream and Mud Cream.

We have the following Butter when available:

True Organic

Organic Times

Melrose – Omega Spread

Paris Creek

Hindmarsh Valley Dairy – buttermilk

We stock the following milk (subject to availability):

Nimbin, Biodynamic Demeter, Fleurieu, Barambah

NZ Sheep milk Powder