Tea and Coffee


Photograph of Certified Organic Green Peony Tea, which we now stock in the exciting  range of teas from Tielka.




ByronAromas is a single estate, high quality, certified organic Arabica coffee.  The trees grow in the rich volcanic soils of Byron Bay, with the plantations on Koonorigan ridge in the caldera of Mt. Warning.  The distinctive natural sweetness, with no bitter aftertaste, smooth flavours, caramelised notes and alluring aromas of ByronAromas coffee derive from the cool subtropical climate, which means a long ripening period that enhances the flavours.  The subtropical climate of the Northern Rivers keeps the coffee trees naturally free of disease and pests.  No pesticides of herbicides are used in the organic farming process and no fumigation is used for storage.  There are two special roasts for the ByronAromas green beans.  The coffee is roasted to order and filled into bags which have a one way valve air release to keep the freshness and a convenient zip-lock for storage after the heat-seal is removed.

The medium roast is very smooth and enhances the spicy flavours and the caramel sweetness of the beans.  With its low acidity, the medium roast is best suited for brewing through a drip filter or plunger.  This roast is offered in whole beans and medium ground for filters/plungers in all sizes.

The full body of the dark roasted coffee reveals all the complexities of the naturally processed beans.  The natural sweetness compliments the expression of chocolate and caramel notes.  The dark roast is perfect for all espresso styles.  This roast is offered in whole beans and fine grind for espresso.

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