Raw Foods

We stock a variety of raw foods here at Mountain Creek including nut pastes, cereals, food bars, chocolate, syrups and honey.

The raw nut pastes are organic and can be added to any meal or come in snack packs for people that need healthy energy on the go.

The raw food bars are made from nuts, seeds and dried fruits in a range of flavours and sizes.  There are gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options.  These bars offer better health from high-nutrient raw ingredients.

All of the raw chocolate that we stock is organic and made from all natural ingredients.  They are all minimally processed to maintain the antioxidants and complex flavours.  The chocolate that we have is available in a few different brands, so there is a lot of different types and intensities.

The Loving Earth range provides raw cocao beans, nibs, powder and cocao butter.  From Pureharvest we have organic raw honey.


How is raw chocolate different from conventional?

Raw chocolate is produced using un-roasted cacao beans.  No vegetable fat or milk is introduced and is kept at low temperatures to maintain the antioxidants.  Producing raw chocolate is less energy intensive than making normal chocolate.

Loving Earth raw chocolate bars are suitable for vegans and sweetened with organic coconut sugar.

Pacari Raw Chocolate is sweetened with evaporated cane juice.

If you enjoy dark chocolate, try raw!


Curious about raw cocao products?

Raw cocao is packed with antioxidants and magnesium.  It contains up to twice the amount of antioxidants of traditional cocoa products made from roasted beans.  We carry all of the following raw cacao products.

Cocao beans are scooped from pods and then fermented for a couple of days, washed, and dried in dryers at <40 degrees C.  Enjoy a handful on their own or in trail mix.

Nibs are beans with the skins removed and can be eaten on their own or go well in trail mix.

The licor is made by grinding the nibs into a paste.  Cocao licor can be melted down and used in chocolate recipes.  If combined with agave syrup or honey and cooled in the fridge you have the base for a raw chocolate bar!

Raw cocao powder and butter are the results of pressing the licor.  Add a tablespoon of powder to your favourite smoothie, milkshake, or recipe.  Add a piece of the raw cocao butter to a dessert, ice cream or chocolate recipe.