Traditionally, sugar was used in cooking as spices are today. Each sugar had a very specific role in the art of cooking, it was not solely used as a sweetener in the often heavy handed way that white sugar is used today. So often today we see white sugar used so indiscriminately to disguise the bland taste of mass produced food, having no redeeming virtues in the void of taste other than excessive sweetness.

Rapadura: Made by evaporating the water from organic sugarcane juice. Unlike other sugars, it is never separated from its molasses content, and thus retains all vitamins and minerals available from the sugar cane. Available from Lotus, Organic Times and the Gluten Free Co.

Sucanat: Made by separating the sugar from the molasses, and then re-blending the two to achieve consistent product. Replacement for refined white or brown sugar, with a superior flavour. Available from Lotus.

Demerara: Ideal for hot or cold beverages, cereal topping, glazing ham or topping on cakes and cookies. Available from Lotus.

Organic Icing Sugar: Ideal for icing baked goods. Available from Billington’s, Willowvale and Organic Times.

Cane Sugar: Is sucrose extracted from sugar cane. Available from Brazil.

White Sugar: Certified organic product, ideal for beverages and cooking.  Available from Lotus.

Castor Sugar: Very fine and dissolves quicker than normal white sugar which makes it ideal for meringues and cold beverages. Available in Willowvale.

Coconut Palm Sugar: Crystallised nectar of tropical coconut palm tree blossom that has been harvested, evaporated and ground.  Useful in beverages and cooking.  Available in Power Super Foods, Aclara Health Gourmet Foods and Loving Earth.

Fructose: Extracted from sugar cane and is commonly added to improve the browning of baked goods.  Available from Soland.

Stevia: Derived from pure natural Stevia Reb A extract and can be in a powder, tablet or liquid form. Ideal for beverages, boiling, cooking and baking.  Available in Naturally Sweet, Sweetleaf and Nirvana Organics.

Xylitol: Found  naturally in fruits like strawberries, raspberries, plums and birch trees.  Used for sweetening beverages and cooking.  Available in Perfect Sweet and Smart Sweet.

Honey: Another natural sweetener that many people overlook as simply a spread, honey is made up mainly of fructose (fruit sugars).  It also contains enzymes, vitamins and minerals. We have many different types of honey instore.




Vincotto is a dark, dense, lusciously sweet grape syrup traditionally produced in southeastern Italy.  It is made by slowly reducing grape juice until it is about one fifth of its original volume and the sugars have caramelized.

Our vincotto is sourced from Tabletop Grapes, a family run and owned property in Mildura, Victoria.  Elina grew up watching her mother make vincotto in Italy.  When she discovered that it was not available in Australia, she decided to use her mother’s traditional Italian family recipe and distribute it throughout Australia.

Vincotto has a wide range of uses, from a sweet addition to nut and fruit dishes to a condiment drizzled over meat, vegetables and salads.  Try vincotto topped on ice cream, over stewed fruit, as a marinade, or slowly sip hot or cold!