Here at Mountain Creek we provide a range of locally produced honeys including:

Yellow Box – Hill End

Yellow Box honey is made from the Yellow Box Eucalyptus. It is a common species in the grassy tablelands and western slopes of the Great Dividing Range. Yellow Box has a light amber color, with a mild distinctive flavour. Fairly sweet, it is dense and slow to crystallize. .

Snow Gum – Bago State Forest

Snow Gum honey is darker in colour in comparison to other honeys available. It is classed as being higher in anti-oxidants and will help to replenish skin moisture

Mountain Ash

White Box

Eucalyptus Blend – transported less than 120 Km

These products above are carried in bulk which allows customers to purchase them in any desired weight.  We will happily fill your own containers or we have some of our own, allowing you to buy as little or as much as you like.

We stock a range of commercially produced organic honeys including:

Golden Pollenaze, Southern Clover, Red Gum, Native Forrest, Lime Blossom, Raw, Leatherwood and Pure Honeycomb.

Active Manuka Honey.