Maple Syrup

We stock a range of maple syrups available in various sizes, different brands and syrup grades so you can find exactly what you are searching for. More information on the different maple syrup grades is available here.

Coombs Family Farms Organic Maple Syrup available in 236mL and 946mL. It is Grade A, Dark Amber, meaning the syrup is made later in the season, as the days get longer and warmer. This produces a dark syrup with a strong maple flavour.

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Shady Maple Farms Grade A Certified Organic Maple Syrup is available in 1.89L. This grade is very dark, with many people using it as table syrup, although because of its strong flavour it is often used for cooking, baking and flavouring.

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Pureharvest 250mL Organic Maple Syrup is available. The syrup is Grade A, Dark Amber, like the Coombs Maple Syrup, meaning a strong flavour and dark syrup is produced from syrup made later in the winter season.

Spiral Foods Organic 235mL Maple Syrup is Grade A, Dark Amber. It is very similar in colour and texture to the Coombs and Pureharvest Maple Syrups.