Mountain Creek has a comprehensive range of breakfast cereals and muesli.


About Our Oat Products 

Groats –   Groats are whole grains that include the cereal germ and fibre-rich bran portion of the grain as well as the endosperm.  Groats are nutritious though some find them a little hard to chew so they are often soaked and cooked.

Steel Cut Oats – Steel Cut Oats are whole grain groats (oat kernel with outer husk removed) which have been cut into pieces.  Steel cut oats are often used to make porridge and take longer to cook than rolled oats due to their minimal processing, usually 15-30 minutes or less if pre soaked.  When cooked, steel cut oats tend to be chewier and taste nuttier than other types of oats.  Also known as pin head oats or Irish oats.

Oat Bran – Bran is the hard outer layer of the oat kernel, often produced as a by-product of milling in the production of refined grain.  When bran is removed from grains, the grains lose a portion of their nutritional value.  Bran is particularly rich in dietary fibre and essential fatty acids and contains significant quantities of starch, protein, vitamins, and dietary minerals.  Bran is often used to enrich breads and breakfast cereals, especially for the benefit of those wishing to increase their intake of dietary fibre.

Sprouting oat kernels – Unhulled whole oat kernel used to grow oat sprouts.  Sprouting is the practice of germinating seeds to be eaten either raw or cooked.  Sprouts provide a convenient way to have fresh vegetables in salads or added to your favourite bread recipe.

Oat Meal – Oat meal is made from milled oat kernels and is idea for porridge or used in place of breadcrumbs when coating fish or chicken.  The oat meal comes from stabilized oats, or oats that are subjected to steam for a short time.

Rolled Oats – Rolled oats are the hulled oat kernels that have been rolled into flat flakes under heavy rollers.  Often they are steamed and lightly toasted, although this is not always the case (see below).  Rolled oats are also known as porridge or flaked oats.  Rolled oats are popular in porridge and muesli, but try adding some to your favourite slice or biscuit recipe!

Mountain Creek carries the following varieties of rolled oats:

Rolled Oats (Bulk) – These organic rolled oats are unstabilized, meaning they have not been subjected to steam.  The natural oat kernel is rolled immediately after hulling, which ensures the retention of their high vitamin content, nutritional value, and freshness.

Coarse Rolled Oats (Bulk) – These oats have been prepared by rolling oat groats through a steam roller at 100-102 degrees.  These oats are grown in Europe and their excellent quality is a result of being grown in the cool, long daylight hours of the far northern hemisphere summer.

Bob’s Red Mill Old Fashioned Rolled – Rolled oats that have been roasted to enhance the wholesome robust flavour.