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Organic Tonic Water

  • Natural cinchona bark and specialist citrus botanicals
  • #<Block::String:0x000000057c6578> Australian Certified Organic

Daylesford and Hepburn Spa is producing quite possibly the only organic tonic in the world.   Pure natural spring water provides the base and is the key ingredient in creating what is a very balanced tonic. Suppliers searched the world for individual citrus botanicals, and sourced natural cinchona bark to extract quinine, essential in delivering the tonic’s trademark light bitterness. The perfect foil for your favourite mixed drink.

Eco Batteries

Eco Alkalines™ are high performing batteries – both​ the ​b​attery and the ​p​ackaging are up to 98% recyclable dependent upon recycling programmes available in your country of purchase.

Unlike all other leading batteries, Eco Alkalines™ contain absolutely NO toxic heavy metals like Cadmium, Lead or Mercury and are therefore safe to go into household waste, although we recommend recycling them wherever possible. For more on responsible battery disposal, please visit (SITA Australia).

To locate your nearest recycling drop-off point please visit and simply search by your State, Suburb and/or Postcode.

Eco Alkalines™ are the first battery to receive carboNZeroCert™ certification in New Zealand and Australia. They are also the only battery to be certified by Carbonfund.organd NSF Sustainability as 100% carbon neutral in North America.


Neoflam Retro


Replicating post war 1950s classic style, aesthetic cookware with a pebble-shaped lid knob, soft silicone grips, and warm curves which may even remind you of the comforting warmth of your own mother’s kitchen. Yet examine Retro closely, and immediately you can see the cutting-edge technology and precision engineering that are characteristic of all Neoflam cookware.

Healthy Choice Cookware with a non-stick ceramic coating made from natural materials, sand & stone, free from PFOA and PTFE. Retro Cookware is highly heat conductive with a thicker base and wall for even heat distribution and reduced energy consumption. An integrated steam vent is hidden beneath the pebble lid knob, preventing overflow with a streamline appearance.


These fabulous new ranges , as well as the Neoflam Beechwood utensils and Voll stove top cookers,  join our existing range of very popular Neoflam cookware.  

Ecoriginal nappies

A Queensland company has designed and developed a new environmentally responsible disposable nappy, which we are selling in store.

Ecoriginal nappies 

.      Contain key ingredients which are plant based and have the ability to biodegrade

  • Are free from chlorine, phthalates, fragrances, lotions, latex and heavy metals (as tested by the CSIRO JUL14)
  • Have a unique leak barrier using Cardia Compostable film, instead of the normal plastic layer, meaning the nappy is up to 5 times more breathable for bub (less chance of nappy rash)
  •  Contain sustainably farmed wood pulp in the absorbent core in the  nappy
  • Have  Non-latex leg cuffs  (better for environment)
  • Are packaged in world leading 100% compostable packaging using Cardia Compostable instead of plastic

Eco Yoga Mats

Eco Yoga Mat

The eco-friendly Earth Yoga Mats are made from a newly developed and patented TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) foam. These eco yoga mats contain no latex, PVC or rubber and they use no toxic materials in production.

Its patterned soft surface provides superb traction to ensure you are grounded in your postures without slipping.

The closed cell construction of these yoga mats prevents absorption of fluids, making it easy to keep clean.