Here at Mountain Creek we encourage home-grown fresh fruit and vegetables. We stock a  range of seeds for planting, along with planting guides, from Eden Seeds and Select Organic.  Eden Seeds are the traditional open pollinated non-hybrid varieties and have no chemical treatment or genetic engineering. Select Organic seeds are Australian Certified Organic.

Also for your garden is the Bokashi Bucket which turns kitchen waste into a nutrient-rich soil conditioner.  Composting at its best!

NeemGreen Garden Concentrate contains important compounds useful for controlling unwanted insects on animals, people and plants.  All natural and completely non-toxic to you, your pets and the environment. Only affects bad bugs.  The highest quality certified organic Neem seed oil is used and is available in both spray bottles and refills.

A new addition to our gardening section at Mountain Creek is the Munash Garden Range of natural fertilisers, including Rockdust and Renew.  These two products have been formed from particular types of rocks and sea derivatives that work together to revitalise and remineralise your soil and plants.  Scientifically proven as an effective and suitable means of restoring minerals and trace elements to depleted soil, you can expect higher yields of more nutritious food.