championThe Champion Juicer uses a unique method of juicing called the mastication process, chewing fibres and breaking up cells of vegetables and fruits, giving more fibre, enzymes, vitamins and trace elements. The mastication method of juicing is highly recommended by the Cancer Support Groups & other health foundations.

OscarphotoOscar Vital Max 900 juicer is around 15-20% more efficient in juice extraction than previous or similar makes of single gear juicers. Also, the juice is noticeably pulp free which is the next most important quality after it being a living juicer.

oscar_1000_neo_juicer_1The Oscar 1000 Neo Juicer can perform a multitude of tasks including juicing, grinding, ice cream making, pasta and noodle making and more.This ‘next generation’ Oscar Juicer is the first design upgrade to the multi-award winning Oscar 900 juicer.