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Loving Earth Raw Chocolate?

This chocolate from the loving earth range contains no cane sugar or dairy and is suitable for vegans. This raw chocolate is uncooked and unprocessed chocolate in its purest form that has been sweetened with agave syrup (a natural low GI sweetener). The cacao beans have not been roasted so that all of their nutrients are still intact! There are often a lot of questions about the flavours that the loving earth range is available in and here are some examples of a few of the more original flavours.

Activated almond and purple corn: Activated almonds are raw organic almonds that have been soaked for up to 12 hours to deactivate the enzyme inhibitors in them.  Once these have been deactivated the nuts are much easier to digest. Purple corn is one variety of maize from Peru. The extract that is used in this bar is the powder left when all the moisture has been evaporated out of the corn cobs’ pulp. This chocolate bar is rich in antioxidants and nutrients from both the nuts and corn.

Lucuma and Maca: Lucuma powder comes from the lucuma fruit, part of the sapote family, and has a creamy citrusy flavour. Maca powder has a slightly bitter caramel and nut flavour which is high in both protein and minerals.

Goji and Camu Camu: Goji berries are found in subtropical regions of China and Tibet and are very high in antioxidants. Camu Camu is a small berry that can be found in the Amazon and is very high in Vitamin C. The extract is created by evaporating all of the moisture out of the pulped flesh and tastes a bit like tangy sherbet.

Sour Cherry and Acai: This is one of the most popular flavours! The organic Acai powder comes from Sambazon and is full of anthocyanins and omegas. The sour cherries provide the perfect tart/sour combination with the bitter chocolate.

Organic Orange and Gubinge: Gubinge is another name for the Kimberley version of the Kakadu plum and is one of the highest sources of Vitamin C.