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Plastic Baby Bottles – Why risk it

BPA Free ‘ECO Friendly’ plastic products are often packaged in such as way as to feel like a very “green” or “healthy” choice – usually with the aid of brown cardboard packaging and green lettering, when in fact, nothing about them is particularly eco-friendly or healthy.

So why take the risk of feeding your baby from a plastic bottle which may be leeching chemicals into their milk?

The good news is you no longer have to!

For some time glass baby bottles were pretty hard to come by but we have tracked down a supplier of the highest quality, thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass bottles which come with a silicone teat and outer glass protector, providing a grip for little hands and protection against the occasional drop.

Glass bottles are great from the point of view that there are no chemicals that can leech out of them into your baby’s milk. Glass bottles became unpopular due to their breakability. With the addition of toughened glass and a latex outer protector they are much more durable but broken glass is still a risk.

Many plastics, including BPA-free plastics, contain other chemical plasticizers, which are added to make the containers more flexible. Unfortunately, many plasticizers are also endocrine disruptors similar to BPA, which means that they could cause many of the same health issues. According to Carl Baum, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Yale School of Medicine and the Director of the Center for Children’s Environmental Toxicology, some plasticizers may be even be more dangerous for our children than BPA.

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