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The range of glues available from the okoNORM range are non-toxic, biodegradable and can be applied to various materials.

A non-toxic starch-based office glue Pro Coll is best for paper and easily removed from any surface after drying. It is suitable for use by children 3 yrs and up.  Stains wash out in cold water.





After drying out, the Contact Coll can act as an adhesive glue, leaving a sticky surface that allows  objects to be attached and removed a number of times. It can be used for self-made stickers. It can also be used as an all-purpose glue.







The all-purpose acetate-based handicraft glue Multi Coll can fix not only paper or cardboard, but also wood, textiles and many other materials. It is quick drying and dries clear and can be used as a varnish.  Rubs off hands, or can  be washed off with water.

These  handy glues come in two sizes – 50ml and 500ml refill bottles

Made in Germany

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ProColl glue, 50ml, ProColl glue 500ml, Contact Coll glue 50ml, Contact Coll 500ml, Multi Coll glue 50ml, MultiColl glue 500ml