DVD: Qi Flow Yoga, Kim Eng

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Our bodies can also be a portal into a new way of being in the world. With Presence Through Movement: Qi Flow Yoga, Kim Eng teaches us how to access the formless dimension within that connects us to the depths of this very moment.

Using simple practices like “Whole-body Breathing,” “Shaking,” and “Holding the Qi Ball,” you will learn how to clear, cultivate, and circulate vital energy throughout your entire body. Kim gently instructs you in more than a dozen different postures and flows that developed intuitively during her own process of awakening including:

  • The Bamboo Tree, a grounding posture to help you embody emptiness and stillness
  • Chakra-based exercises to help you sense, clear, and rejuvenate your energy field
  • Qi Flow, a short daily practice for stimulating the spiritual energy of awakening

“As you begin learning these conscious movements, you will awaken your whole being to the transformational power of the present moment,” teaches Kim. Now with Presence Through Movement: Qi Flow Yoga, she shares a creative and relaxing way to experience our inherent aliveness and inner peace.

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