Screaming Seeds

Screaming Seeds spice blends are pure and natural with no artificial fillers, flavour enhancers, preservatives or anti caking agents, with no wheat, rice or soy fillers, and no added MSG. The spice blends are proudly handmade in Australia, from locally grown and imported spices. Screaming Seeds are gluten and nut free, and are perfect for any style of cooking. All the spice blends are excellent for cooking with chicken, fish, lamb, tofu, seafood, beef, stirfries, rice, noodles, vegetables and marinades. We stock an extensive range of the Screaming Seeds spice blends and seasonings, ranging from mild to hot. The range are conveniently “ready to add” to your cooking, and quick and easy recipes are included for your benefit.

We stock the following spice blends: Desert Cajun Rub, Bengal 5 Spice, Outback Blend, Caribbean Chilli, Marrakesh Magic, Southern Cajun, Smokey Tomatina, Paella Mix, Kashmiri Krush, Mediterranean Mix, Garam Masala, Moonlight Dreaming, Dukkah and Piri Piri.