Tea and Coffee


Photograph of Certified Organic Green Peony Tea, which we now stock in the exciting  range of teas from Tielka.

We stock: 

  • Pukka
  • Planet Organic
  • Tielka
  • Tea Tonic
  • Clipper
  • Byron Chai
  • Rainbow Chai
  • BonVit
  • Teecino
  • Sacred Grounds
  • Real Chai
  • Jasper Coffee
  • Yogi
  • Eco Teas

And many more…



We stock an exquisite range of teapots from the brands Tielka and Zero Japan. Numerous  colours and styles of teapots are available.

The range of Tielka teaware includes double walled glass teacups, glass teapots and glass teapot warmers, all available in various styles and sizes.

The range of Zero Japan teapots that we stock will ensure that you find the teapot that is best suited to you. Teapots in many different sizes, styles, colours and finishes are available. Also available at Mountain Creek is Zero Japan teacups, also in various styles and colours.