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What on Earth is a Moon Cup?

“Comfortable, clean, convenient, leak-free!” say the converted. Many women are now switching from tampons to a healthier, more sustainable alternative, the Menstrual or Moon Cup. Made from medical grade silicon the menstrual cup is reusable for many years, so you save money and help the environment too.
Yes, it is a shift… But it’s easy to use, the cup is folded and inserted in the vagina, menstrual fluid is collected, then after 12 hours the cup is removed, emptied  and reinserted.
And it’s healthier – The menstrual cup collects just the menstrual fluid. Tampons absorb all the fluids of the vagina which can interfere with healthy pH, and can cause dryness. Also tampons and pads, if they are not organic, often contain harsh chemicals which may irritate and be absorbed by this most delicate area.
We stock two high quality Cups – DivaCup and JuJu with a choice of size and shape.
The Cup may not be suitable for everyone, for example, if you use an IUD take care with its string; and correct placement may be difficult if you have prolapse.
If the cup is not for you, we suggest TOM Organic, Organyc and Natracare pads and tampons which are 100% organic cotton and Vegan and Cruelty Free. Unlike most feminine care brands, these contain no synthetics, no SAPs or dioxin and no wood pulp.
Your body will thank you for giving it the period care you deserve.